5G in Automotive

Envision futuristic dashboard of autonomous vehicle that is disabled-friendly.

I was given opportunity to be involved in Ericsson’s global marketing campaign for promoting 5G. Ericsson picked some industries to showcase what will happen when everything is connected. One of them is connected vehicles industry. Ericsson imagines how transportation will benefit for anyone including people with disabilities.

I was briefed that the vehicle will be without a steering wheel and accompanied with virtual driving assistant. The set designer has created the vehicle model and there are three screens to be designed.

Although it will be just a mockup, I think it is important to create thoughtful design. One of some thoughts I have is that user should be able to trust the vehicle. It can be achieved by having feedback mechanism that is available to passengers for actions the vehicle is about to do.

I was given room to imagine its concept, functions, and styling. The result was then digitally rendered into the video and appeared on Stockholm Arlanda airport.

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