Connected Fleet

Redesign fleet management tool into Ericsson’s new brand to promote company-wide consistencies.

Ericsson creates numbers of applications that are parts of smart city solution. One of them is Connected Fleet. It manages fleet’s day-to-day operation, from arranging trips, assigning drivers, tracking vehicle performance and more. This application, like many other Ericsson’s applications, was made using different design systems.

I and my colleagues in Central Experience Design team just launched design system as part of Ericsson’s re-branding strategy to unify the products experience. While we kept working on adding new components, we also helped other teams to migrate their applications to new brand.

I redesigned the portal according to the new brand and interaction patterns that come with it. I tried to keep the structural changes minimum, as the result of this task will be used to estimate migration effort.

The result was then presented with some key design principles that the team can then keep in mind when continuing the migration work. I also stepped-up the game by anticipating the need of designing data visualization on map and few possible new interactions needed.

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