Create beauty service booking platform that integrates with service vendors’ contact and scheduling system.

Booking appointments with dentist, hairdresser and other beauty services still rely on contacting the vendors via phone call. Some of them might have online booking form, but unlike restaurants, they are all still done manually and people need to sign up for a new account for every different vendor.

TaCare was initiated to solve this issue. Other than ensuring that customers only need a single account to make bookings, it also enables service providers to provide better customer experience. Customers will be able to choose personnel and time slot on their fingertips. System blocks time slots when customers’ preferred personnels are not available. There are many more advantages by having the system up online and automated.

We started by finding the problems and how the businesses have been running. We want the new way the businesses run to be as efficient as possible, but also we need to plan implementation roadmap to reduce the frictions. We created platforms for businesses and end-consumers, listed out all features needed. In parallel, we created the brand and started to test the idea with the businesses. Then we revised our system flow based on the inputs we received.

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