Create a ‘job match-making’ app for students who seek part-time jobs or internships.

When companies hire, they always look for people with experience, even for entry-level. It’s difficult for fresh-grads to get a job if they have never taken internship before. To tackle this issue, Zelos wanted to encourage students to be eager taking get part-time or internship before they graduate, to familiarise them with the real industry. It also helps the employers to be on the lookout for talents for future recruitment.

We create portal for students and employers to connect. When the students sign up, they will choose the type of part-time they seek. This will filter the job posts received by students. Students will be able to access the portal on their phones. The process of applying is also simplified that it can be done through phone, as most of the big load has been done during registration.

As for the employers, the primary device will be desktop. They can create job post, filter out candidates, contact them for interviews, all from one portal, keeping all neat within same platform.

We aimed to make the branding bold, but not boring. I used striking color palette and being playful with the layout. The striking colors are mainly used on the web page, while in the portals they were toned down, considering people will be staring at the portals for at least some time.

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