Recreate proposal of search platform for seeking nearest medical attention.

When people seeking medical attention in Indonesia, the process usually involves a lot of paperwork and long queue. Many doctors might work in several hospitals every week. And because of this, many patients usually call to check doctor’s availability to save a trip.

The client had already gotten online freelance designers to do design the interfaces. However, the result was not satisfying and turned out there was not even the flow chart. So I went back all the way to square one and asked the client on his vision for the platform, before finally creating a flow chart.

Then I discussed with the client on the branding direction. We had to balance between 'fun-looking' and 'serious-looking' design. Once I started working on the interface design, I tried to create layout based on most-seek features to the least. I also tried to imitate some platforms that most people use, such as Google search to ensure the flattest learning curve needed.

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