Stove Monkeys

Create web page for newly founded branding agency for F&B industry.

Stove Monkeys is a branding agency with unique concept. It tries to answer the challenge of F&B industry competition in era of social media. There are so many restaurants and packaged foods competing for attention. They need to ensure their brands stand out, deliver good dining experience, as well as providing good nutrition. The agency was founded by an expert in branding and a professional chef. They combine their knowledges to build brands that engage, experiences that satisfy and dishes that surely please the taste buds.

The branding concept of Stove Monkeys itself is quirky and fun, which you can tell from the name. We also used a lot of visual references around monkeys and pulling ideas from items or concepts found in food industry. The web page was a simple introduction of what services the agency provides. It was formed in structure of ‘nutrition facts’ label that people usually find on a food packaging. We also linked to the agency’s social media for updated content.

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